09, 01 – 31,01 2009

MASA, will be hosting Fatma Çiftçi as a first exhibition in 2009. Çiftçi reproduces unusual situations and scenes at different cities where she has been in a short time, trough drawings and sounds; these scenes, which have taken place in artist mind, refer to cultural diversity and its representations from Istanbul, Tehran, Seoul, and London.
Fatma Çiftçi, was born in Amasya, 1981 and graduated from Bilkent University, Fine Arts Faculty in 2005. She participated to YAMA screening project in Istanbul. Moreover she was represented in "Asia Art Now", Arario Beijing, 2007; "Mom's Livingroom", Goyang Art Studio Exhibition Hall, Seoul, 2007; “Freekick” Istanbul, 2005; in the 23rd Exhibition of Contemporary Artists of Istanbul and of Diyarbakir, 2004. Besides, she has awarded Asian Artists Fellowship Program, Seoul and Spike Island Residency Program in Bristol. Her works will take place at Spike Island/Platform Garanti CAC/Visiting Arts Residency Exhibition on January 31, 2009 in Bristol, UK. She lives and works in Istanbul/Ankara.

Drawings by: Suat Öğüt