12, 06 – 30, 06 2009

Bingöl, is showing things excavated from an area which slums transformed into apartment buildings. Beside the primary topical and conceptual relation of the act of ‘excavating’, Bingöl is inferring his act by the sense of space, archaeology, knowledge and its production.

Osman D. Bingöl mentions the following about his work:
“Soil, with a different stinks from the Blind, dark “livings” and as a “non-portable vessel” is holding things randomly together.I tried to put together the found voice of incantation words resuscitating the evil beings from the 1981 movie ‘The Evil Dead’ with the objects randomly situated undersoil.For me, the act of ‘excavating’ objects is making a sign to the metaphorical relation between “Producing knowledge” and “Resuscitating Beings””

Osman D. Bingöl was born in Ankara, 1979 and complete his Bachelor of Fine Art from Hacettepe University and MA Program of Art and Design from Yıldız Technical Universty. His works took place at ‘I’m Too Sad to Kill You’(Proje 4L,Istanbul, 2003), ‘Free Kick’ (9th Istanbul Biennale, Antrepo Hospitality Zone, 2005), ‘EurHope 1153’ (Villa Manin Art Center, Cordopio-Italy, 2006) and ‘Far from Home’ (Slovenia, 2006). He also co-operate with Ahmet Öğüt and Seyhun Babaç in ‘Ünlü Olma Sergisi’ (Ankara, 2002).
Osman D. Bingöl lives and works in Ankara.