10. 04 – 30.04 2009

This title is a quote from the fanzine “My Recidency” which was produced based on the artist’s own isolated living space in 2008.
Recently, Furni has been thinking of the concept of isolation, associating it with control, monitoring, construction, ugliness, imagination and science-fiction.

“Smashed frog was like a visual symbol of an argument in contrast to the orginized and well working system I have seen in Basel during my recidency. The sound insulation material I have seen in music studios came together with the thunderclap that I did not hear on the day mentioned before.

I think, there is nothing else we can do for it anymore….”

İnci Furni has been producing art as an individual artist along with working as a part of Hafriyat Artist Collective since 2007. Artists’s previously exhibited works were “Spirit” (2007) which has taken place in Apartman Project along with “Home Free” (2007) in Bilsar, “Your Eyes Are Bigger Than Your Belly’’ (2007) in the special projects of 10th Biennial of Istnabul, and “Unfair Provocation” (2009). In 2008, Furni was one of the organizators in Hafriyat Karakoy’s exhibition “Zig Zag” which was a collaboration with Independant Drawing Gig.