06, 03 – 31,03 2009

Their work based on a course of events that occur in 1990

"Lieutenant Murat Şeref Father had taken into custody in Haydar paşa Hospital then discharged after his critical telegraph to term president Turgut Özal which says “ i couldn’t get use to see that you are the president” on february 17th 1990. The reason of discharce was “psychological disorder”.

The course of events was like this:
The term government was established by political party “ANAP”. Their vote rate was only %21 on 1989 local elections, so that’s why their government was controversial. Opposition parties declared that ANAP can’t choose the president even if they were majority in the parliament. So the opposition parties wanted an early election. Nevertheless Anap chose Turgut Özal as the president in a session in the absence of opposition parties. For this reason Anap got big reactions, because general public didn’t want Özal as a president. Özal’s response was interesting “ they will use to it in time”. Then big demonstrations named “ i couldn’t get use to it” were arrranged in all over the country."