06, 10 – 20, 10 2009

Funder, designates Survivalism as a notion that needs to be considered for the contemporary, historical and social conditions. He traces Survivalism in the thought of disaster visible in many ways such as the discourse of the end of the world, terrorism, climate change and the global financial crisis.

In his work that he re-arranged for MASA, the artist tries to monumentalize the everyday survival practices, individual and institutional strategies. From the artists to environmentalists, activists to politicians, and business executives he wants to draw attention to the adaptation and survival strategies of different social and economic positions.

Soren Thilo Funder was born in Copenhagen (Denmark), 1979. He studied on fine arts, cinema and architecture in Chicago (USA) and Copenhagen. His works were displayed on solo exhibitions such as “Friedlos (aka The Bandit Wolf-Man)” - Beaver Projects, Copenhagen, Denmark (2009), “We Control The Streets” - Public Art Project for The Danish Arts Foundation, DK (2009) and exhibitions “Land Grab” - ApexArt, New York, USA (2007), “Hard Revolution” - Potzdamer Platz, Berlin, Germany (2006). Besides the art spaces the artist also performed many projects peculiar to the semi-public spaces such as bookstores or shopping malls. Other works of Soren Thilo Funder can be seen on www.sorenthilofunder.com