06, 02 - 28, 02 2009

Despite the moral repulsiveness of their function Karolin Fişekçi employes the figure of the cannon for stressing its visual affect and its erotic implications. By reproducing the cannon in an ironical design, the artist disarms the fatal virility of the weapon and turns it into an object of sexual satisfaction for females. The first phase of this ongoing project contains the pink and flaccid versions of the cannons in miniaturised scale.
Karolin Fisekci graduated from Mimar Sinan University, Faculty of Fine Arts Painting Department in 2003, after which she attended the Faculty of Social Sciences, Painting Department of the same University. Karolin Fisekci showed her works in Under the Beach: The Pavement, Proje4L, Istanbul, 2002; Denizati Sanat Galerisi, Istanbul, 2005; and Sobe, Bilsar, Istanbul, 2007.

More about artist here http://karolinfisekci.blogspot.com/