22, 09 – 30, 09 2009

Öğüt grounds his work on the fact that there are 203 licensed football players named “Mehmet Yıldız” registered in Turkish Football Federation. Setting out from this information, the artist forms an imaginative team consisting of 203 different Mehmet Yıldız's. In his MASA exhibition, Öğüt is going to exhibit the voice record of the match between the two imaginary teams: “All Stars Team” and “All Stars Collective”

With “203 Mehmet YILDIZs”, Öğüt discusses cultural sociological identities, as well as the notions of “uniformity” and “difference” through a different form of relation. With his work, the artist aims at making people ask the same question: “Could the common names, surnames and habits in a society be the sign of social imaginaries as well?”

Ahmet Ögüt was born in 1981 in Diyarbakır. His work has been shown widely in group exhibitions such as 53rd Venice Biennial The Pavilion of Turkey, The Generational/New Museum, 7th SITE Santa Fe Biennial, 5th Berlin Biennial, 9th Istanbul Biennial, Be[com]ing Dutch/Van Abbemuseum, Stalking with Stories/Apexart; and in solo shows at Centre d'Art Santa Mònica, Küntlerhaus Bremen and Kunsthalle Basel.

Ahmet Ögüt lives and works in Amsterdam


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